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Ampire BTR300 Plug & Play Bluetooth-audio vastaanotin

Ampire BTR300 Bluetooth Audio vastaanotin 3,5mm plugi ulostulolla ja usb virtasyötöllä. Loistava plug&play tuote, soita musiikkia langattomasti!

Toimii missä tahansa, kotona, autossa, veneessä jne.

- Marine certified
- with auto turn on function (remote out)
- certified Bluetooth 4.0 CRS I9chip
- 3,5mm plug output with 1.0V Signal output
- QDL licensed
- SSID Name: BTR300

- USB Input (5 VDC) (300mm)
- 3.5mm jack Output (300mm)

- Ensure that your streaming device has Bluetooth enabled.
- Turn the ignition (ACC) on.
- The LED (6) starts blinking (pairing mode).
- Select BTR100 in your devices Bluetooth setup menu.
- When successfully connected, the LED on the BTR100 will stop blinking and remain lit. A single beep will be heard through the connected sound system.


Tuote: BTR300

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